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UPDATE: The Spring 2010 writing submissions deadline is January 11th, 2010, at 11:59 PM. You’ve got all of winter break, so no excuses ; )


Open Magazine  is an annual spring publication. We are looking for submissions of all sorts:

Articles (journalism/informational pieces)

Perspectives (opinion/narrative pieces)

Poetry (any type)

Short stories (original fiction)

Visual art (photography or other media, to be reproduced in 2-D in the magazine)

Models (for a variety of types of photography, depending on comfort level of subject)

Other types of creative contributions are welcome!

Send a word document (please no .docx) or .jpg to Include your name, college, phone number, and the title of the piece.

Any piece may be published anonymously at the author’s request. If you are uncomfortable with even the editors knowing your name, you may make a totally anonymous submission via the link above, though this method will make us unable to consult you on any changes we wish to make prior to publication and is not really recommended.

All submissions become non-exclusive property of Open; that is, we may print/change/use them however we wish, but the artist will retain all other rights.

To submit, to model, or just for more info:

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