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Submit Anonymously

Here you can submit written work 100% anonymously*. Simply enter your piece into the comment box below– since it will be “pending admin approval”, it will never be displayed directly on this site as a comment

We recommend against this, as it prevents us from working directly with you to edit the piece prior to publication- but we understand that sexuality is a hard topic to talk about. That’s sort of the point, isn’t it?

If you submit a piece this way and decide later that you want to make a significant change, email us with a revised copy, or submit again here, and we may be able to make certain changes depending on how quickly you get the new version to us

If you’d prefer to be able to work with us to improve your piece, see the normal submissions page and indicate that you’d like to remain anonymous.

*If you’re one of the tinfoil-hat inclined, we do get your IP address, but most of us aren’t tech-savvy enough for that to matter.  We promise we won’t go looking for your identity.

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