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Transient Global Amnesia…From Sex?

November 11, 2009

According to an article from CNN, sex can be a trigger for a strange condition called transient global amnesia (TGA), in which an individual loses his or her short-term memory. Usually occurring in patients over the age of 50, TGA is triggered by strenuous activity, such as vigorous exercise, sudden immersion into cold or hot water, and, most commonly, intercourse.

The sudden change in blood flow for all these activities may be the culprit for initiating cases of TGA. Researchers who have studied the condition attribute the cause to the temporary lack of blood flow within the brain’s blood vessels, which occurs during sexual climax.

TGA is usually not recurrent, and its triggers are not powerful or stressful enough to leave permanent damage to the brain. Memory loss associated with TGA is brief and short-term.

Individuals with a history of migraines or headaches may be at a higher risk of getting TGA, which has been linked to the hippocampus.

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